What Makes a Great Elevator Pitch?

Elevator pitches help you articulate your unique talents, product differences and solution value propositions.  What they have in common is they are delivered in a very short time frame.   Some pitches take 10 seconds, others may require 45 seconds.  It depends on the audience and circumstances.  For example, in a casual conversation, someone may ask what you do?  Most people tell them their job description and leave it at that.  Or you might consider something like this.

  • I help small business owners sell more and live a better life.
  • I help people realize their potential by walking with them to reach their goals.
  • I help people save time and money with technology solutions.

These examples do not tell your audience who you are.  Instead, they articulate how you are going to help them.

Some coaches say that you should use a certain format for your elevator pitches.  For example, tell your audience:

  • Who you are, who you work for, what you do, the problem you solve and the benefit of you provide
  • Who you are, who you help, how you help them and the benefit you provide
  • Who you are and how you help
  • Who you are, the opportunity you help with and the benefit

Choose a format that you are comfortable with, has the most impact on your audience and make it part of your DNA.






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