Sales Navigation System (SNS)

The SNS acts as a clear road-map to an agreed upon destination, or objective.  It is beneficial because it enables you to begin with the end.  The SNS helps answer the question, “What steps do I have to take to advance the sale”?  Moreover, it outlines key benchmarks for the customer that must be met before their ultimate goal can be successfully achieved and that is to go live with the new solution.

The SNS is a dynamic tool that acts merely as blueprint to focus your thinking and help you provide a crisper message.  I’m sure it will go through some fine-tuning and revisions as you progress deeper into the project.  The go/no go decision is crucial every-time. Unless you agree on the satisfactory conclusion of a benchmark, you will not go to the next step.  Again, this is the basis of nurturing and developing a win-win relationship.


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