Professional Performance Coaching

img03As I mentioned in the video on the Home Page I know what it’s like to be in life and career transition!  After I achieved my goal and retired early from the software industry, I had a decision to make. Should I stay connected to what I knew, or I pursue a job that offered me freedom.  The challenge was, that I did not know what I wanted to do.  Through professional performance coaching, I got in alignment with my values and transitioned from enterprise sales to earning my certification as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).  I am now “doing” what I love, helping people reach their potential!

As a CPCC, I know the client is capable of finding solutions to their own problems which  can be, staying in the same fear of not finding a job, not pursuing the dream or not accomplishing a goal.  My coaching will help you realize that all problems contain the seeds of opportunity and this clarity will help you transform them to a better situation.

Performance Coaching Method

Together we will explore your peak experiences, values and intentions.  I will help you establish clear goals, create a purpose statement and a Plan For Success (PFS).  The plan may include finding the pain your target companies are experiencing, then writing a powerful cover letter that will offer solutions to their problem. You will also learn the art of networking and how to develop cold calling scripts to differentiate you from your competitors. I will help you create a very powerful, clear method that you can use to change your negative thinking into alternative balanced beliefs.

Perspectives are important:  I will  help you learn the beauty of looking at situations from different points of view. This will help you take action to better connect, inspire and motivate yourself to find the job you want, and realize more fulfillment in your current one or life in general.  You will learn the art of asking powerful questions and what impression you want your audience to believe about you.  I will also help you create a clear and persuasive resume.  We will role play so that you can think on your feet to answer any question that will prepare you for that all important interview.

I guide my clients all the while holding them accountable so they can stop avoiding, pretending and denying. From this empowered place, clients will make clear decisions and be stronger in their relationships.