Enterprise Sales – A Blueprint

The Sales Navigation System (SNS) is our metaphor for the complex sale.  It has at least 6 steps and there are several people involved in the evaluation that have different agendas and “What’s in it for me?”.

As we navigate this exercise, I am going to provide you information about the Funnel and the Sales Pipeline, Political Agendas and why the SNS  is unique and how it will help you win

How many of you are familiar with the funnel and sales pipeline?  I see lots of hands  go up.  Its not a bad metaphor but in a complex sale, there are a couple of flaws with it.

1.  The funnel implies there is a gravitational pull of deals through the funnel.  You pour your deals into the top of funnel and the deals fall right through to the bottom with little or no effort.  In other words, the deals close themselves.  You and I know, that’s not true in a complex sale.  There is no gravitational pull.   That’s why we flip the funnel onto its side, because deals have to be managed and kicked across the finish line.

2.  The other problem with the funnel is, the sides are smooth and deals will just slide through.  That’s not true either.  There is competition and a lot of political agendas that create friction as you progress through the sales cycle.

Before we continue, let me comment on political agendas.  If you recall from our chemistry days in school, we mixed chemicals in a vessel.  Then heat was applied to the chemicals.  A reaction occurred.  The heat would build pressure just as politics will in the organization.  When politics heats up, pressure builds and things change.  Requirements change, the decision making process, people change, and pressure builds so great, things can get out of control. People stop calling you back and you don’t get access.  Divided camps ensue and power struggles develop because a business decision is about to be made which creates risk.  If it’s a good decision, then all is well.  If it is a bad decision, your reputation and job could be on the line or the company’s finances could be at risk with the implementation.

By using the SNS, you have at least 6 opportunities to build preference and trust for your solution.  You also have 6 chances to differentiate the value that you offer.  This will enable you to minimize those out of control symptoms and power struggles mentioned earlier.

In our first coaching session, we design an Alliance which describes our accountability.  It is a set of expectations agreed to by the client and coach so there are no surprises in the coaching relationship.  Then we get busy learning the SNS.

Other important topics that will be covered include:

  • Territory development
  • Differentiation, creating the value proposition
  • Solution, Competitive, Political and Closing Strategy
  • Linking operational pain to “C” level strategy
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • How do you know that you are winning?
  • Managing  blind spots
  • Role playing
  • Why buy your solution?

Industry research says “That if you employ a SNS, you will have a 57% better chance of winning”.  Thus, by incorporating these skills, you will be able correct problems before they develop.  This will allow you to add incremental value to your customer.  The more value you add, the more preference you will build with your customers, gain their trust and be invited to sit on the same side the table as they.  That’s when they buy.  You are now in a position to grow your accounts in a significant and meaningful way.  I will help you do that!