Enterprise Sales Coaching Method

Enterprise Sales Coaching On-boarding

After going through several sales training programs, I have found that Enterprise Sales Leaders retain a much higher percentage of the sales methodology when they are coached rather than trained, and therefore, realize improved sales performance.

When the ESL is executing the skills they are learning in the coaching, it provides instant feedback of what’s working and what’s not.  This enables the ESL to check blind spots, address them, then create repeatable frameworks in different sales scenarios.  This improves sales effectiveness and sales velocity (closing sales).

With sales training, you may enjoy broader coverage training more sales leaders.  However, training is usually a 1 to 3-day exercise and maybe 1 or 2 sales teams get the opportunity to present what they have learned in front of their peers.

The reality is, most of your sales team (including managers) will retain very little of what they have learned and will go back to their old habits.  You have invested all this money in training, with hardly any improvement in sales effectiveness.

Enterprise Sales Coaching Method

As described earlier, the SNS is the metaphor used to describe the sales cycle. It includes several steps and its intent is to help the sales leader to manage the sales process and agendas that might develop.  It helps answer the question, “What steps do I have to go through to close business?”

The SNS is a dynamic tool and is merely a blueprint to help the ESL get focused as the sales cycle progresses.  As the customer moves toward a decision, the SNS will go through some fine-tuning and revisions as political agendas heat up.  Unless there is agreement on the satisfactory conclusion of a benchmark, the ESL and their coach will evaluate blind spots to determine how to proceed to the next step.  This is the basis of nurturing and developing a win-win relationship.

The takeaway is that the ESL can improve their performance without being judged by their manager.  As a result, management will benefit by having an ESL that has a higher degree of becoming an A player.

Enterprise Sales Coaching On-Boarding (For Companies)

  1. Client determines who their A-D sales leaders are.
  2. Select B/C player you want to pilot the coaching program with.
  3. Determine if there is a “match” between sales leader and coach.
  4. Coaching begins. *

For Individual Sales Leaders

  1. Determine if there is a “match” between ESL and coach.
  2. Coaching begins. *

* An ALLIANCE is created to make sure there are no surprises during the coaching.  For example, “How does the ESL want the coach to respond when they do not complete their assignment?”  The ALLIANCE is important, because it keeps us accountable with minimal misunderstandings what’s expected.