Business Coaching


In order for your business to have true value, it must contain a unique quality.  By leveraging your uniqueness, it will give you a perceived competitive advantage.  Without it, you will be just like everybody else.

Competitive advantage enables you to obtain preferences in product placement and pricing power.  Moreover, competitive advantage plays a key role in branding.  For example, Apple can command higher prices for its products because they are hip, high quality and revolutionary.  If you own Apple, there is a feeling of being one of the cool people.

As a Business Coach, I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs that struggle with differentiating their solutions.  That said, I have worked with a wide array of business owners helping them create, develop and launch concepts including Inventors, Social Networking Dating Sites, Film Festivals, Life Coaching, Wedding/Event Planning and Heath and Wellness.  I have also worked with professional services entrepreneurs such as Software Companies, Web Design/Development, Computer Maintenance, Legal and Tax Professionals.

Business Coaching Method

Our first exercise is for you to articulate your unique talents.  This will help you develop your elevator pitch and differentiate yourself.  Next, you will create a professional presentation.  To create awareness and demand for your solutions, you will develop a marketing plan.   You will select a couple of activities from your plan, determine your goal for each activity and design action steps.  This exercise is an iterative process until you have taken action on the remaining sectors in your marketing plan.

I will also help you market yourself using digital marketing including social media, internet/email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), eCommerce and blogging.

Sales coaching is very important, so we will review topics that will help you close more business.  For example, we will evaluate and upgrade your:

  • Sales skills
  • The steps in your sales cycle
  • Cold calling effectiveness
  • Negotiating and closing skills

If you are starting a new business, you will learn the requirements for start-ups, how to write a business plan and the importance of cash flow.  You may also need funding for your business.  In that regard, you will learn strategies to obtain loans from financial institutions and selling investors to invest in your company.

These are a few topics that we will cover in our coaching sessions.  Along the way, I will guide you with powerful questions and hold you accountable throughout the coaching engagement.