Generating Customer Demand

As important as it is to have great products, brand and service, it’s all for nought if your Sales Leaders (SL) can’t deliver value.   Hence, what needs to happen in the sales experience to generate customer demand? .  SL need … Continue reading

The Key To Winning The Sale – Differentiation

Between the introductory and close steps, you should be finding operational pain and who at the “C” level cares.  Then your responsibility is to link your benefits to their strategic gain.  At the same time, you should be building preference … Continue reading

“The Service Driven Life”

“For a simple yet profound reason, every person should read The Service Driven Life  Clinebell’s book eloquently shows us that there is no higher calling than serving another human being. If you want to learn how to prosper, expand … Continue reading

Career Transition

Several of my career transition clients recently landed full time employment after being out of work for up to 2 years. Most attribute their success to getting clarity, and creating a plan for success, that helped them change their way … Continue reading

Amazing Clarity

Somewhere between our 20’s and 60’s we have a clear choice.  Are we going to be in the passenger’s seat as life goes by or are we going be to proactive and create the life we want?  Are we going … Continue reading

What Makes a Great Elevator Pitch?

Elevator pitches help you articulate your unique talents, product differences and solution value propositions.  What they have in common is they are delivered in a very short time frame.   Some pitches take 10 seconds, others may require 45 seconds.  It … Continue reading

How Does Intention and Curiosity Help You in a Sale?

Curiosity is the desire to learn more than what you know now.  It manifests itself in many different flavors and its use is based on one’s intention. For example, let’s say I am curious about a movie actor’s career.  My … Continue reading

Sales Navigation System (SNS)

The SNS acts as a clear road-map to an agreed upon destination, or objective.  It is beneficial because it enables you to begin with the end.  The SNS helps answer the question, “What steps do I have to take to … Continue reading