Sales Coach, Career Coach and Business Coach

Bruce is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and graduate of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI),  the world’s premier coaching school. Bruce’s intention is to help you create wealth in all areas of your life and live better!

Sales Coach

Bruce is an award winning sales coach who works with sales executives, managers and individual contributors from all types of industries. He is particularly skillful at coaching the Complex Sale.  He combines his sales experience with his coaching insights to help sales leaders bring new ideas and different ways of thinking to their customers. This collaborative approach is essential because, surveys consistently show that customers put the highest value on salespeople who make them think and who find creative and innovative ways to help the customer’s business.

With that in mind, Bruce will help you innovate and create repeatable frameworks for success in different sales scenarios. He does this in a collaborative way without you being judged.  This will help you focus your thinking, with positive reinforcement, so you can close more sales!

Life Coach and Career Coach

As a Life and Career Coach,  Bruce knows what it’s like to go through career change!  By corporate standards, Bruce was very successful in sales. And for many years, his inner voice kept whispering, “Bruce you are here to help people reach their potential”. When he retired from selling software, he got his certification as a Professional Coach.  Bruce is now doing what he loves, helping You obtain the life and career you want.   That can mean developing a plan so you can increase your income or helping you create the steps to land an opportunity based on your talents.

Business Coach

As a Business Coach, Bruce will help you organize your thoughts and focus your thinking to assess your strengths and weaknesses. This will hopefully make you feel uncomfortable, yet excited about the possibilities.  Next, you will pore all your ingredients into your magic pie so you can take action to execute your plan.

Bruce’s job is to listen, ask powerful questions, challenge you and hold you accountable.  He will then help you create clarity in your life so you will know what’s possible, with the intention for you to accomplish your goals.

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